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Idea Development

– How Might We Analysis
– Market Research
– Long Term Goals
– User Maps

Extending to

Concept & Design

– Solution Sketches
– Heat Maps
– User Test Flows
– Storyboarding


Prototyping & Full Implementation

– Sketching Solutions
– Exploring Visualisations
– Mockups
– Rapid Prototyping



– User Testing
– Feedback Walls
– Management Presentations


TimeWarp enables banking customers to simulate various
scenarios in their financial lives to make better decisions.
You want to know how?


Who are the target customers?

  • Self-advisory clients
  • Advisors
  • Students
  • Finance department
  • Everyday Banking clients

Why do Banks need TimeWarp?

  • Inability to serve the customers ever-growing digital expectations can now be met with a visionary app
  • Avoid customer turnover due to poor Customer Experience through lack of engagement with newly developed digital expectations
  • Gain market share with new first-time bank customers who expect a seamless digital experience
  • Gamification allows users to feel that they have full control by gaining vital insights into their banking decisions, provide users with a unique and engaging experience

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The customer banking platform Gravity is breaking new ground with its intuitive and user-friendly, self-service insights application. Curious how it works?



  • A single platform
  • Insights
  • Account aggregation
  • An enjoyable experience
  • Actionable advise

Why is it different?

  • User friendly, accessible platform which gives users access to insights, relevant information and actionable advice
  • Empowers the user to easily accessible, total control over their entire financial portfolio
  • Simplifies digital banking and reduces the need for multiple apps
  • Vast feature selection including bills and invoices from third parties, accounts from other banks instant payments, robo-advisor and goal setting
  • Self-customisable for both users and banks
  • Modular in design - allows banks to continually improve levels of service and features available to customers

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Gravity in a live demo?

The Arcs

Financial decision-making is driven by logic, but also by emotion and creative thinking. Find out how you can engage with your  customer in a complete new way.

The Arcs

Client Benefits

  • See your entire financial situation at a glance
  • Finance micro- and macro-view at the same time
  • See where your money goes (Visual money flows)
  • Set and check budgets
  • Play with "What-If-Scenarios"
  • Explore predictive investment proposals


  • Immersive Virtual Reality
  • Google CardBoard / Daydream Technology
  • Based on Unity3D Game engine Deploys on all major platforms (iOS / Android)
  • Prediction Engine
  • All transaction data, CI/CD styling and texts in XML
  • Ready to access core banking APIs

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The Arcs in a live demo?

Financing 4.0

Innovative illustration of the customer journey around real estate financing. You want to see how it exactly look like? Switch to the right.

Financing 4.0


  • Expert knowledge is presented in a customer-friendly, simple and playful way using graphics, videos and podcasts
  • Process support up to online case closure
  • Hybrid advisory scenarios
  • Lead generation for advisors
  • Regulatory compliance is observed


  • Accelerate the process of real estate financing through optimized digital workflow and reduce costs
  • Integration into existing credit processes using APIs (PSD2, document management, digital signatures, etc.)
  • Support of different devices by responsive designs
  • Individual financing that takes personal financing wishes into account

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Financing 4.0 in a live demo?

Trading Center

The unique fusion of Transactions, Market Data and Sentiments. A new way of trading.

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Trading Center in a live demo?

SME Portal

A radical new approach to what a SME Portal should offer and look like. Curious how it look likes? Let´s switch to the right.

SME Portal


  • Responsiveness
  • Extensive use of graphs


  • Comprehensive tagging system as a replacement for search / filtering
  • AI-Chatbot for infrequently used tasks

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SME Portal in a live demo?

Pure Bank

Banking goes visual
You want to know how to empower banking with visual design?

Pure Bank


  • Fully responsive
  • Information Architecture is driven by Bank-Objects
  • Persistent customisation
  • Seamless mix between public and private data
  • Authentication as late as possible
  • User defined authentication methods and levels

Advantages of Visual Banking

  • Pictures are recognized faster than text
  • Personalisation by user defined pictures

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Pure Bank in a live demo?


Imagine having a Geeny to take care of all your banking needs. Give it a try and have Geeny grant your wishes.



  • Adaptive Security Level
  • Personal Touch (Chat-like)
  • Efficient Navigation

Clients needs

  • Hands free banking
  • Fast access to current balances

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Geeny in a live demo?

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What our partners say

Rapid Prototypes are a great tool for us to explore and test new business functionality and to get the buy-in from our senior management. WowLab offers precisely what’s needed to challenge and iterate product ideas and to create compelling prototypes. A streamlined process with short iteration cycles combined with UX/IU skills allowed us to explore a variety of ideas. Our collaboration with the WowLab team was informal, effective and fun.

— Sabine Griebenow, Teamlead Online Key Accounts GEFA Bank

Today’s customer needs are just as fast changing as the overall world we live in. Hence, it is equally important that not only oneself but also partners act just as fast. With the WowLab team from Crealogix we are happy having such an agile, rapid and flexible partner. Our partnership has proven that together we are able to not only consult customer competently on a theoretical level but also implement a prototype very quickly, which allows customers to have a touch&feel experience in a very short time.

— Stephan Fehlmann, Senior Business Development Manager Spitch

Challenging and iterating realistic business models is a vital part of every innovation process. The collaboration with WowLab gives our students the opportunity to work on real life-cases and get immediate feedback from industry experts.

— Dr. Prof. Adrian Müller ZHAW

We've worked with WowLAB from the beginning. It's always been very productive and rewarding. The projects are fascinating: their designs and ideas are well- thought-out, their project-management is straightforward and low-overhead, and we get to use cutting-edge technologies and rapid prototyping to very quickly get to high-quality MVPs. It's always lots of fun!

— Marco Von Ballmoss, Co Founder Encodo


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